Green And Benz - Dont do it, its not worth it. Worst experience EVER!

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Me and my fiancée approached this company to design and make our wedding bands. the initial experience was great and we were welcomed and made to feel quite special. However due to new financial restraints on us we had decided not to go ahead with the purchase, we had decided this within 24hrs of putting a deposit down for my wedding band not my fiancé's (luckily). Green and benz refused to refund the deposit of £90 as they said it was part of their terms and conditions which 1, they failed to mention and 2. gave to me when i came for the refund.

I was told it was my responsibility not theirs to find out! i wasnt given any refund or credit note, in fact their initial stance was that i MUST pay the remaining balance of the ring as it will be made whether i want it or not and that it was already in the process to be made, and this process could not be stopped. they made me feel *** and made it out that it was my fault not and NOT theirs even though it was their sales person who stupidly didnt mention anything about the refund policy or even give me an document to say where i stood until the point where i wanted a refund.

I had to take legal advice in order to settle this, and it was only when a lawyer contact them that they said "it turns out we can indeed cancel the order and would like to offer you a credit note instead of a full refund on the deposit". so not only did they lie initially, and this is the regional manager telling me this, not a sales assistant, but then refused to give me this credit note when my lawyer agreed to their offer.

The refused to speak to me or lawyer on the matter and would only correspond by letter and even here they showed little or no interest.

By far the worst customer service i have EVER experienced and i have worked in many retail and sales environments. I still have not received anything from green and benz and it has been 3months since i initially went into the store in Manchester.

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You're an ***.If you were concerned with the refund policy you the consumer should have asked at the point of sale.

Especially if you were aware that there were financial constraints within your personal life.I can't fault the company or sale person for your stupidity.

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